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Representation of REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, Inc.

Since 1995, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., has been appointed exclusive agents to represent REMINGTON ARMS CO. in Spain and Portugal to promote, sell, market and distribute REMINGTON products.

In December 1997, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A signed an agreement with REMINGTON which extended RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. representation to Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Brasil.

REMINGTON ARMS CO. is the largest producer of sporting guns in the U.S.A. and the only U.S.A. manufacturer that produces guns and ammunition. In 2005 REMINGTON manufactured 600.000 firearms and 1,4 billion rounds of ammunition. In the Spanish market, REMINGTON is the first importer of guns and ammunition.

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