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The group of RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., was founded in 1941 and since it´s foundation has concentrated in the shipping business, port services and other related activities such as:

Customs agents, ship brokers, forwarders and ship agents, stevedores and other related port operations and services.

Insurance brokers.

Logistic Consultants.

Representation in Spain of CONSOL Inc., being during the last years the largest supplier of coking coal to the Spanish steel industry.

Exclusive agents in Spain, Portugal, Central and South America of REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, Inc., for the sale of sporting arms and ammunition.

Promotion and development of real state projects in Spain and in Central and South America.

Promotion and development of Renewable Energies.

Buying and selling , storage and exportation of cereals and oleaginous in Argentina.

At the peak of its activities as a shipping company in 1981, the group of RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., operated a wholly-owned fleet of bulk and container carriers of 18 units, being the largest private shipowner in Spain. With the downturn of the ocean freight market at the beginning of the 80s, the group initiated a process of diversification towards other sector, focusing mainly in fishing. As a result of this in 1980, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., started a joint-venture with local partners in Mexico with the purpose of building and operating a fleet of 4 tuna vessels (purse seiners of 1.200 Mt) in the Pacific. The company was based in Ensenada, Baja California. Under the Spanish management and control the company expanded and today it is involved in activities in other countries as Colombia or Ecuador.

In 1977 RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., acted as the leader of a consortium of Spanish companies in a turn key project for the construction of a cement plant in Argentina.

Since 1985, the RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. group, has participated with other companies in all the Logistic for dismantling, transport and assembly of industrial plants and special equipments, to various countries, like U.S.A., Singapore, Argelia, Mexico, Europe, etc..

In 1989, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A., established a new joint venture in Morocco destined to the fishing of cephalopods in the Moroccan waters. The company owns and operates two refrigerated fishing trawlers of 295 TRB each.

Since 1998, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. was called by Chrysler-Jeep to develop the Chrysler -Jeep market in Portugal. As a result we were appointed Official Distributors for Porto and North of Portugal.

Since 1.999, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. works in Argentina, together with Argentinean partners , in operations of buying, storage, preparation, distribution, selling and export of any kind of grain (wheat, maize) and oleaginous (soy, sunflower seeds).

Since 2004, Societies of RUIZ DE VELASCO GROUP have been participating in the promotion and building of 200 housing in Salamanca (Spain).

Since 2004, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. has been participating actively in the promotion and development of activities related with renewable energies mainly biofuels
(biodiesel) and solar. At the moment we are promoting the construction of a plant for the production of 200.000 tons per year of Biodiesel, and a photovoltaic solar plant of 7 MW in Extremadura. We are also promoting several solar plants in other Spanish areas.

Since 2005, RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A has been participating in the development of a building project of 13.000 social housing in Panama.

In 2005, one of the Companies shared by RUIZ DE VELASCO GROUP was awarded with the iron and steel port operations for ARCELOR MITTAL GROUP in the Ports of Gijón and Avilés.

RUIZ DE VELASCO, S.A. has offices in Madrid, Gijón and Avilés, and has representants in many other Spanish ports, due to cooperation agreements with other companies and permanent offices in Argentina and Panama.

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